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What can luxury vinyl flooring do for you?

You need to find plenty of essential features in your new floor covering, and luxury vinyl flooring may offer them all in a single product line. If you need durability, stunning visuals, or a good lifespan, you will find all three and more right here. Read along to find out a bit more about what these materials have to offer and how they could be best for your home.

There's no substitute for the perfect luxury vinyl flooring

Choosing the best luxury vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring is easier than you think, especially when you know what you want. The extensive options and attributes you'll find in this product line allow you to floor any room with the same great results. Catering to specific requirements is a specialty in this flooring line, and you'll see how important that is in your own home when you consider the materials carefully.

If visuals are most important to you, you'll love the fact that these products mimic natural stone, porcelain, and solid hardwood flooring, with patterns, designs, and colors that match any décor you currently have in place. You will find these options blend well even as trends change, so you never have to replace them to stay current. Even your children can grow along with these products, with new décor in their room as the years' pass.

One of the most popular options in this flooring line is the durability that caters to many spaces. In heavily traveled areas, you'll see fewer dents, dings, scratches, and stains, and you can still expect a lifespan that averages about 20 years or more. In areas with light traffic, these products may last even longer, so be sure to check them out when you visit.

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Metro Floors is a flooring store that works hard to meet every customer's needs, no matter how large or small the remodel. We will first get to know you and your requirements and then match those with the products that cater to the need. Our associates draw from years of experience to help you find everything possible for an outstanding experience, from start to finish.

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